All contact is concentrated on 2 places:

  • Twitter – Where i’ll post on the daily and where i can be reached via DM’s.
  • Discord – My gaming community built around my twitch channel and my brand Desogames. Features premium areas and features for Twitch subs!

Meanwhile, outside of my website, content can be found here:

  • Twitch – My twitch channel which will be the main source of content/contact outside of Twitter, Discord and this website.
  • Youtube – My youtube channel (which for now contains nothing but i guess you can view my liked videos?) which’ll function as the future content library. I tend to type long comments under other videos on youtube from time to time too.
  • Podbean – My podcast distributor. Future podcasts as well as audio recordings of articles can be found either there or on the platforms it distributes to.

If you wish to donate to the cause, first of all, THANK YOU! Secondly, if you want to help, go grab a subscription to my Twitch channel! My community and reputation will be my main source of income going forward, so growing it is of paramount importance to me 🙂

Subs come in 3 tiers, $4,99 a month for Tier 1 (which i named Patron), $9,99 a month for Tier two (named Elite) and $24,99 a month for Tier 3 (named Researcher). They come with benefits which i’ll expand over time, mainly focused around more direct access to me and the research network i’ll make, as well as increased standing in the community. For the channel, each gives 1, 2 and 6 “sub points”, that count towards “how well” you’re doing as a streamer. More is better, simple as that. Note that these subscriptions are recurring!

If you have Amazon Prime, you also have Twitch Prime, which is a free one time tier 1 sub you get one of each month of to give to a streamer. All it requires is making a Twitch account (which owned by amazon anyway, so data wise it doesn’t matter), and linking both accounts. This one’s non-recurring though, so you’d have to manually gift it each month if you wish to continue to support. On the back end i still receive the same amount of money from Amazon as a tier 1 sub.

Bits and gift subs also count towards channel performance of course, so for one off donations, come catch me when i’m live and hang out for a while! Though, i’ve abandoned shoutouts to up the quality of the stream. If you wish me to learn your name hang out in the community and it’ll stick eventually 😀

If you wish to support AND get something for your money, i suggest buying a T-shirt (or other Merch when available) with some of my hard earned wisdoms on them, so you can support the community AND spread some knowledge 😀

Whatever you choose, again, Thank You for your support!