A letter to WSB: How to fight a financial war.

Hey guys. I come to you today with info and goodies to fight this class war! The system’s fighting back and it looks like you could use some veteran help. I always bring data and proof, so let me quickly start off by proving i’m a legit high functioning aspie and i’ve been fighting this system alot longer then any of you have, not for personal gain, but just to try and save a few souls:

I posted that BEFORE the virus, after the repo crisis, trying to find inflection points for the coming crash (and had nowhere else to put it). The short of it is that not nearly all student loans are government backed, about half are, and ever since 2008 – because Sallie mae was never bailed out – they’ve gone ham on student loans. Naturally, these things have been securitized – something called SLABS or Student Loan Asset Backed Securties, which is just the student loan version of CDO’s or MBS. Since the government backed loans actually dried up in 2008, and those can be considered AAA, you can bet your ass wallstreet has done what it always does and cut prime loans with alot of garbage post-2008. Due to the virus nobody’s ever looked at it, but it should still be a problem, and will cause a bailout of Sallie at some point A La Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Note btw: Sallie mae has been renamed SLM Corperation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sallie_Mae – and still trades on the open market as it’s a private entity. You guys can short too, yknow. Have you figured out yet you can time this kinda stuff like a WoW raid to shortly before close to prevent them from selling your stuff? It’s not unfair, it’s not like any of you can afford an HFT trading machine a few milliseconds next to an exchange. Anyways.

I can also Prove that i know you guys have been getting screwed by inflation, BY THE FED GIVING MONEY TO BANKS (which give it to hedgefunds), much better then any of you, for more the 10 years: https://www.desogames.com/qe-is-inflationary-and-i-have-the-charts-to-prove-it/

And i can prove i’m one of you; A Hardcore Gamer of the very first hour. I know economics, and i’ve found SOLUTIONS to real world currency problems inside of games (it is still the article i’m MOST proud of). Also proves WoW gold is more valuable then the US dollar: https://www.desogames.com/virtual-labor-and-lessons-from-economics-in-videogames/

The point of this post is to help you guys fight the Silver battle. Yes i know, GME and hold the line. But those rules will just keep changing until you’re all bagholders again, and ask any of my followers, i just don’t wanna see the poor people get hurt AGAIN. The shorts are suffering now, but if you never sell, and gamestop doesn’t come back as a store (Still a pandemic going on! Them undercharging for hand-ins is a meme, remember?)…. The hedgefunds just come back, up a few billion loaned to them by the banks which have infinite Fed money, and short YOU into oblivion. And you can’t have people hold while they see rent money evaporate.

The system will NEVER let you win. You guys know this. You’ve seen it. Now, i appreciate the zeal. But these fucktards will NEVER play fair.

This will never stop. There’s only one way left. The system has to burn. If we can’t have it… No one can.

And there is a way…. Crack the Comex.

Do what all the silver and gold bugs have been masturbating over for ages. They’ve tried, and can’t…. Because they always try to work within the system.
But you guys don’t. You guys are a complete novelty to the system. This has never happened before, and pretty soon, the system will find ways against it.
Don’t forget you guys have little control over the massive new influx of members. There will be agent provacateurs in there. Divide and conquer.

But as luck would have it… This is the exact right time to do crack the fucking thing. I’ve done research into Comex for more then half a year of taking screenshots, daily.
The article some of you might have seen:

And i’ve done an interview about it, 2 months later, with more recent updates, only about an hour long:

Just incase anybody doubts how legit this is:

Eric Sprott contacted me after he watched it completely. He said he had noticed the exact same thing, only he hadn’t noticed it until September and wanted to talk to me about it.
I spoke to him on the phone – He sounds EXACTLY the same as the sprott weekly wrapup! Cause he calls into there with the same equipment, apparently.
Anyways, on something as opaque as the Comex, i can’t make it any more legit then this. I only use their data against them and i only argue data, never conjecture.

I DARE ANY OF YOU ASSHOLES TO COME UP WITH BETTER CREDENTIALS! Don’t see any of you getting called up by a billionaire over a youtube video.

With dominance established; Let’s talk Comex. Right now, Comex is sweating bullets over March 21 deliveries:

That’s the data for the futures trade, usually releasing the day after.

As you can see, there’s currently 133,715 open interest in the Mar 21 contract. WHEN YOU TRADE FUTURES IN A CFD TRADER, THIS CONTRACT IS WHAT YOU TRADE!!!!
The reason why last Thursday and Friday the Gold price was slammed down to parity while silver was >let rise<, is because of Gold Deliveries:

By chance, you guys happened to focus on silver only a little bit two days before the final delivery day in the gold contract.


The way Comex works is simple: On the final day of the previous trading month, whatever open interest is left on the next month >has to indicate they will stand for delivery<

You can see that 33k contracts stood for delivery, and the next day, 16k contracts delivered. Since EACH contract stands for 100 ounces;
On the 29th, 1,6 MILLION ounces of gold delivered, AT A PRICE OF $1849,50. Because the contract might be 100 ounces, you pay the contract price per ounce.
So on the 29th, $2,982,688,650 worth of gold was delivered. Jaw dropping, isn’t it?

And compared to April, June, August, that’s a small amount, and compared to October and December, that’s an equal number of contracts standing for delivery.
Yes. THAT is how bad the situation is, and how long this has been going on. And that’s just the official amount. My shadowcontracts data counts MILLIONS of additional silver ounces. Per MONTH.


In fact, their plan has mostly succeeded. My prediction was for the Comex to be dead by now. But the doomsday demand never materialized, because the US politicians dragged their feet with the stimulus checks. Yes – you guys are that doomsday demand, though i never thought it’d materialize in this form.

Point is – i’ve been getting people into physical silver ALL 2020 after i jumped ship in December 2019 because i realized the system was going to die. And before you say anything – Yes, i predicted the pandemic and the crash too, and warning people on Twitter about it DROPPED my follower count from 25 to 18. Start of 2020; Y’all just didn’t wanna know. Maybe ya learned your lesson by now. What, you thought those guys with hundreds of thousands of youtube followers were the scientist at the start of this disaster movie that no one would believe?

So here’s the effect your degeneracy has had in just 1 day, the Monday trading data: https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/metals/precious/silver_quotes_volume_voi.html#tradeDate=20210201
Ysee, to keep the price under control, for some reason they make contracts when the price goes up. But they can’t make them in Mar 21 because that’s coming up for delivery, and they’re already overlevered.

So virtually all contracts were made on the May 21 contract. Naturally, once that contract is up for delivery – if not enough people roll it over, Comex fails to deliver. So the problem compounds. Not only that but you guys scared the system SO MUCH – out of nowhere, 16+155 (cause contracts vanish upon delivery as they’re no longer needed) shadowcontracts were made in the current delivery month, while there were. Think about it: This means that they “suddenly found” – and will deliver some time this month – 171 x 5,000oz = 855,000 ounces of silver! Not very “Futures” is it?
Meanwhile Gold had additional contracts roll over ever since the spike happened. Funny, that.

The higher the price goes the more this’ll snowball. The more contracts available for delivery, the more that will deliver, the bigger the problem. And with each subsequent delivery wall, the remaining physical supply out there gets tighter and tighter. While with a higher price, more people will notice and demand delivery before it’s all gone. This thing might even snowball without you guys! Hell part of this post is to try and get a few more people out before it does collapse, and all of you are left in the cold anyway. I woulda done it before but i didn’t think you woulda believed me before. No one else did, at least until September (shoutout to palisades gold radio!).

So. How can the Comex be cracked? Well, those 133,715 contracts are WAY TO FUCKING MUCH! The bullion banks HAVE naked shorted the price down into oblivion! I can explain the mechanic, but this’ll be long enough already. Instead, go look here: https://www.cmegroup.com/clearing/operations-and-deliveries/nymex-delivery-notices.html

That’s the inventory of the Comex, or so they claim. If you open Silver Stocks, you can see that there’s 2 categories: Eligible and Registered.
IF a contract is delivered, metal is supposed to move from Eligible to Registered. So Eligible is all that counts. The last report says there’s 248,082,103.16 ounces in there.
At $30 an ounce, that’s $7,442,463,094 to buy out all silver on the Comex – that they say they have, cause my body of research says they don’t. If that amount is gone, system collapses, silver soars. And the first time i calculated that number it was half that, in June.

$7,4 billion is pretty much 5% of Warren Buffett’s CASH position. Not Berkshire, that’s $400 billion. Just his $140 billion cash pile.
Warren Buffett CAN’T buy gold. It is SO undervalued, that if he buys it, price doubles and the economy crashes cause everybody piles in because “Warren Buffett bought gold”. He actually needs to wait until its far more expensive before he can buy in! And that’s with ~$60 billion worth of gold in Comex’s vaults, ten times silver! Or so they say.

But here’s the kicker: 248,082,103.16 ounces of silver, divided by a contract size of 5000 ounces, equals 49,617 contracts. Now, half of all contracts are SUPPOSED to be shorts: Comex is a supply hedging facility, infact it was designed that way. Each gold bar sold in the market is accompanied with a naked short from the same producer. That way, if the price drops, the producer doesn’t lose money because he expected to sell at a certain price on the future delivery date. Any money he loses on longs, he gains back on shorts and vice versa, and the income comes from selling a new bar not the short (just the spread). It’s a good system that leads to more stable prices, in theory.

BUT THE FUCKING BULLION BANKS CAN NAKED SHORT TOO! Mechanically there’s a reason for it, but that’s not important. Because they’ve completely abused this ability to depress the price by SEVERELY overleveraging the Comex. I’m not even gonna need re-hypothication or anything like that. Simple math:

49,617 x 2 = 99,234 contracts. Total open interest on Mar 21 alone nevermind the rest = 133,715. This is as plain as day. So total naked shorts right now = 34,481 naked shorts, or x5000oz = 172,405,000 ounces of silver they can’t deliver but might have to. And this is PHYSICAL silver! They can’t print it, they’ll have to find it on the open market, or.. close the shorts. The more contracts, the more shorts need closing, until it enters a negative feedback loop that’ll just… blow up the banks, really.

And that’s just the shorts. If 50,000 contracts stand for delivery…. Well that means EVERYTHING ELSE IS A SHORT DOESN’T IT?! 100% OF THE FLOAT! Not to mention on a delivery failure the price of PHYSICAL silver will just 10x while the futures go to 0. We might not even be able to determine the price of silver anymore on any sort of global scale!

Naturally the same thing applies as GME: If they want to close shorts, they need to buy them back first. And that’s why you keep seeing vertical slams down in the gold price. In fact, go look at charts yourself: The peaks happen inside the beginning of a month with a delivery wall coming up at the end of it (January, November, September, July). The reason for this is cause Comex works with an rotating active/non-active trading month. Alot of open interest on March silver, little on April, alot on May etc. And silver is mostly suppressed by keeping Gold low, as it has more eyes on it. Silver is really unloved.

The price is let run up until the next delivery wall starts rolling over, then the prices is slammed down again and again so shorts can take their profits, while keeping demand muted because who wants to lose money right? THAT’S how they’ve been playing you. Cause they KNOW you guys only look at price…. Well, until recently.

Well. I say FUCK THAT. This system WILL continue and they WILL change the rules every single time until it’s dead: https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/1356377947947544577

So what’s the play?

Dead simple. Don’t hold futures…. But force others to holdon to theirs on February 28th until April, because they need physical silver for various reasons.

See, here’s how delivery on the Comex works: On the last day of the previous month, contracts need to indicate they stand for delivery (and trading rolls over to the next active month on CFD traders automatically so you guys NEVER deal with the active month!). Then, Comex has a month to deliver all the contracts.

This because the system used to work like this. It’s so overlevered because NOBODY ever took delivery! In January 2020, the Registered category was almost completely empty. Comex got caught down with its pants around its ankles. Long story how they got out from under all of it, but short of it is, in February 2020 which was the last “normal” month, there were NO deliveries for the last 4 days (contracts continually rolled over), until the last day where about ~270 contracts all delivered at the same time. Shadowcontracts also never show up on the last day because all open interest HAS to be delivered, so there is no “next day delivery” anymore.

Naturally, YOU CAN’T BUY FUTURES AND YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM THEM! Futures holders are bag holders.
However… You can still force others to buy them. Because of Silver’s decade worth of mining deficit (which is very real!) there’s almost no physical out there FOR ANYONE! I swear the price should be 10x from here. $30 is absolute peanuts. USdebtclock has it at $4972, which was $1988 on March 31st 2020! THATS how much money was printed. On that basis alone it should be $50 if silver was fair value at ~$18 in March.

Did you know that with ONE month of The Fed’s QE, $120B a month every month, you can buy ~92 MILLION Valve Indexes?

you can build the Oasis from Ready Player One, and give every US Citizen a VR headset to join it, with the QE ALREADY SPENT SINCE LAST SEPTEMBER!
But the Fed will NEVER EVER EVER print money for something like that; a whole new digital economy that could revitalize everything from our very homes. Even though they already spent triple the amount needed without solving any problems, in fact only making them worse for future generations.

So. What you do is BUY PHYSICAL SILVER, first and foremost. The shops are already empty – good. Keep em empty, at ANY cost.

Because think about it. Bullion dealers are… well Bullion dealers. Their ENTIRE BUSINESS is to deal out bullion. They have labor costs yknow. They can’t just stick silver in a vault and never sell; Some, sure… but not all. They have costs. If they stop selling, their business dies, and if they sell alot, they do well. They have EVERY incentive to keep looking for bullion, anywhere they can find it. The mines don’t have it – again mining deficit, the Comex has already been raided for years. Physical gold never seems to leave but physical silver sure does, cause the Industrials need to cover for the deficit somewhere. A phone doesn’t run on a politician’s promises. They will continue to go to the Comex too.

If Comex is the only source left, and for a while now it has been OTHERWISE THERE WOULDN’T BE 3 MILLION OUNCES OF GOLD STANDING FOR DELIVERY…. The dealers and hedgefunds will buy futures, and hope.

Naturally, if the price spikes, Hedgefunds will wanna get in on this. So what do they do?
buy futures and $SLV because that’s the way you buy silver. Use their own dogma against them.

What’s the Comex gonna do? Raise the margins if i keep forcing bullion dealers to buy contracts for delivery?

What’s Comex going to do against the €300 i put into PSLV; https://twitter.com/DesoGames/status/1356311080709062656
Via a normal market broker? Not a goddamn thing.
Raise margin requirements? i don’t use margin
Restrict options? I don’t use options
Increase interest rates on debt? I don’t HAVE any debt.
Restrict share selling? i don’t wanna sell.
Take my shares from me? That’s literal theft as i own the title to the shares instead of CFDs. There’s a much bigger hell to pay then a dead app if they try that even once.
And if March fails? THEN WE DO IT AGAIN IN APRIL GOLD CAUSE THAT’S JUST AS BAD: https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/metals/precious/gold_quotes_volume_voi.html?foi=O#tradeDate=20210201



You know why the $SLV squeeze seemed fake? Because the original poster recommended SLV because it has options, and didn’t go for PSLV cause it doesn’t. You idiots are trying to break the system WITH the system. That doesn’t work. EVERYBODY has tried it, and it never works.

Y’all got greedy. That’s the mistake you made. You didn’t try and work around the system. The system offered you the same amount of greed as the Hedge funds. HOW ELSE do you think short interest becomes 140% of float? MASSIVE LENDING AND LEVERAGE! They can make naked shorts but they still have to pay for the damn things! They work on margin too, and they’ve got alot more then you do. Maybe one hedgefund or two blows up, but there are thousands (BTW – i’d look into Citadel’s holdings. $HYG, specifically. They don’t seem to have properly hedged that one, to the tune of a few billion. You’re welcome). The hedge funds were looking to get rich quick. Now many of you got rich quick through Gamestop, and even more are angry your slice of the pie got taken away. On the one hand, i get it, on the other hand, you brought that on yourselves. I haven’t lost any money all of 2020, and i’m still fighting the system.

Not all parts of the market are manipulated! That’s not how manipulation works. You can’t control reality. You can only control a few things.

But if you direct all eyes on these few things, it doesn’t matter. Did you know Nuclear reactors produce 0% Co2 yet the entire Uranium Mining market is about $20 billion market cap with a MASSIVE multiyear mining deficit, same as silver, as a result of production being below cost for half a decade? And that the Biden administration is getting the uranium bullmarket started?

Even did a reading (with questions answered) for it if you only wanna listen: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/867495054

That company’s absolute bottom was €0,0245 in March. I found it in August. I even generated revenue by selling info on that stock cause i was broke but it was such a good company and i decided to share the wealth. Everyone i sold it to for a 10% finders fee (i don’t like to charge alot i can get rich in the market) got big gains. Myself i bought in somewhere at 0,05 and €1000 at 0,03, giving me an average of €0,0412 cost to ride this wave with.

Currently that company is €0,088 and i’m not even thinking about selling next within half a decade. Can just let it ride. I’m up 105% currently, but my position is so outsized, when it went from 0% to 104% in a day, my entire portfolio increased in value by 25%. Just off that one stock. Don’t even have to worry bout taxes until i sell.

You guys think you’re risk takers by going balls to the wall with options on a popular thing. How about investing at the very fucking bottom when NO ONE ELSE WANTS IT HUH!?
And i didn’t just do it once. i do it OFTEN:
Arafura – up 162%.
Lynas – Up 118%
Northern minerals limited – up 24%. Not impressive but i mention it because all 3 are rare earth companies specifically outside of China. Which is a prediction and call i made. Arafura’s corrected down but it was up 250% last week. Again, not selling, China’s only tightened regulations i haven’t seen caps yet:

Klondike silver – Up 105% – thanks to you guys. It was +20% last week. I found it in March alot lower, but my trader had a 2 MONTH queue to join -.- Still though. I waited, rather then jump into a CFD trader. There’s always another bullrun ^_^
Australian mines limited – up 56%. Not 100+, but still decent. Reason i mention it is cause i hit the ask on a penny stock and overpaid WAY too much due to inexperience xD But, when it was down 55%, i checked the company again – still strong fundamentals, i wasn’t wrong, so i put €500 ontop of the €200 that was now worth €98. Dollar cost averaged down from 0.018 to 0.0122, fixed my mistake, and it spiked to €0,03 a week ago.

That might not seem like impressive gains to you guys. But there’s 1 difference between you and me:
i NEVER log into my trader. Once a month, maybe. The above was when i was buying Peninsula and i happened to notice. All of the gains were predictions on the bottom that came true. All companies i found when no one else was looking at them. Invested purely on financials – Before March 2020, i hadn’t even thought about stocks, and i still don’t know jack shit about rocks. Even have a message on Feb 29th 2020 on my discord saying “i think i’ll try investing now”. And it works. Every generation needs its oracle from omaha i suppose :p

No options – i have no expiry dates to worry about. No Margin – i can only lose what i put in and i only put in what i can afford to lose, so who cares. No shorts – no collateral calls, no counterparty risk. No debt – i can hold onto what i have and not worry about having to sell. And finally – No CFD trader. So i don’t own Contracts Of Difference on the shares (which is why Robin Hood can change the rules on you and sell your shares, they just sell the underlying and cancel the contract). I OWN Shares. They are mine. My broker goes bust whoever takes him over just takes custody of my shares. I legally bought the shares, not a contract on those shares. They can’t do shiat, not without crashing the entire system because Title suddenly means nothing, and that’s a step above a gold reset still.

Why won’t i be effected when the system collapses?
because i’m not IN the system. My gold and silver is in physical in a local vault, and has been since December 8th 2019 (bought that correction bottom too). Average buy in was €18,88 an ounce with premiums, and thanks to you rabid dogs – that’s now ~€31,20 giving my 305 ounces a current day buy-in price of €9,516, giving me €3,916 or +70% profit. Sure, i won’t sell em for that, but if you guys don’t have my position yet and want it… well that’s the MINIMUM buy-in. Since the traders are quite low on supply – i’d charge a hefty premium myself, and get away with it too.

As a thank you BTW for that action, allow me to share the wealth:
$OGZPY – or Gazprom’s only up 5% from where i bought it. Hasn’t exploded yet cause Nord Stream 2 isn’t finished yet, but it will be.
Current stats:
Market Cap: $66,08 Billion
Enterprise value: $134,84 billion
(that being market cap Plus debt, but Minus cash, so a more strict measure of value)
Price to book: 0.38 (meaning it’s market cap’s about 1/3rd of all assets on the books)
51% owned by the Russian state, so too big to fail AND no confiscation risk (there’s no point, they already have it). Russia being a commodity producer right infront of a historic commodity bullrun. They also have the Ruble’s M1 about 80% backed by gold.
Also means steady dividends as it’s an income for the Russian state: 7,33% yield, 6,72% 4 year average.
Nothing wrong with dividends if you get them for free while riding the stock up while doing absolutely nothing. It’s called Accumulation and Compound Interest. Some things that used to be ubiquitous knowledge.
Natural Gas is around 1990’s prices. Meaning, adjusted for inflation it should already be much higher.
Price is being depressed by the natural gas glut thanks to US shale getting it essentially for free.
But that will end when the debt laden shale industry ends – Oil needs to be above $80 a barrel for them to sustain.
Right now they’re being held up by the Fed’s money printing (LQD’s stuffed with shale debt), but once that system ends, shale collapses.
Like with my other stocks, even with the gold miners that are down thanks to price suppression (Yamana raised dividend unexpectedly cause of good times and they’re down 20% are you kidding me?)… It’s only a matter of time.

That’s how you invest in the market while ignoring the system. Who the fuck cares about price?! Just give me good stocks of good companies that will do well in the (near) future, and i’ll buy while they’re at the bottom. They go up, great! I can go find another company while it runs. Underneath the slime, the original invention of the stock market still exists. It’s up to YOU to ignore the complexity cause it’s just not needed.


I mention all of this to show you guys that it’s BOTH possible to get S&P beating gains (because i didn’t start until July 2020 and bought the top too); Within the market, to buy things outside of the system, AND that i know where people are and aren’t looking. There’s was no pump in the Uranium market in August 2020 that’s for fucking sure.

That’s the KEY to the price suppression of silver. EVERYONE IS LOOKING IN ONE PLACE!
THE MARCH 2021 SILVER CONTRACT ON THE COMEX! That ONE contract controls the price of silver world wide.
They don’t need to suppress bullion dealers or miners or deal with central banks. All they need is one chokepoint. That chokepoint is the Comex.

Break the comex… And you break the system in it’s entirety. Why? Not because of money. Because of Psychology. The ENTIRETY of the silver and gold space have been waiting, for a literal half a century, to see the one message appear: “COMEX FAILS TO DELIVER END OF MONTH”. That’s like a fucking beacon that says the emperor is naked, across an entire PLANET! Comex is the only source of Silver left that isn’t stretched beyond capacity, or so everyone thinks. It goes, price spikes.

Do note though:

This isn’t a easy fight. They will do ANYTHING to keep the system alive. Because…

Well you’ve seen why. They OWN you.

And they don’t like a slave revolt.

INFACT; After just 1 day of threatening silver; the CFTC – which we have been BEGGING to look into the comex for decades and who i tagged about shadowcontracts on twitter many times; suddenly wakes up to protect the system instead:

This means it works. They’re scared.

BUY. PHYSICAL. SILVER. They can’t stop you from going to a bullion dealer and buying silver, NO MATTER THE PRICE.
2011: https://investingnews.com/daily/resource-investing/precious-metals-investing/silver-investing/silver-wars-eric-sprott-to-purchase-1-5-billion-in-physical-silver-for-fund/
2020(!): https://kingworldnews.com/silver-short-squeeze-alert-sprott-silver-trust-to-purchase-1-5-billion-of-physical-silver-a-jaw-dropping-8-8-of-annual-global-production/

BUY MOTIVE, NOT MONEY!!!!!!!!!! Give up seemingly outsized gains now, for INSANE GAINS in the NEW system!
Old system dies, people still wanna trade, new system is made. And we’ll figure it out when we get there cause these fools will just make a worse system.
That SLV goes up as well because it tracks the underlying doesn’t matter if it collapses because its shown it doesn’t have any silver:

The point is not to buy futures, that game is rigged, they’ll short the price down. BUT IF YOU BUY PHYSICAL, THAT WORKS IN YOUR ADVANTAGE!!!
Finally, If this works – YOU GUYS are the only ones who won’t be holding the bag. Gold and Silver shoot up and are reestablished as true money – fake money, AKA Dollars, die. And when the powers that be lose control of their main weapon…. It’s game over. And the ones holding the metal will win.

This is why JPM has so much silver already. You can’t win this fight without them making some money somewhere. They’re too big, with a direct line to the press. But if they lose that line and if it collapses the market in general, i promise you, they will lose A SHITTON of billions on the side as well, as well as alot of ability to manipulate the system in the future. And remember: They’re extremely greedy, like Scrooge McDuck. Losing even $10, if it wasn’t necessary to make more later, stabs their very soul.

That’s how you fight a war. Don’t play their games. Make your own. And hit them where it hurts. In the shnoz. And if the system collapses, WHO FUCKING CARES! DEBTS CLEAR, BILLIONAIRES BECOME MILLIONARES, THE WEALTHGAP CLOSES IN A HURRY AND WE CAN START TO HEAL!!!!

Make no mistake gentlemen. This IS class warfare. And THEY started it. THEY rigged the system in THEIR favor, and rather then give out crumbs, they want it all.
Well. If there’s nothing left for me, then i don’t need the system. We’ve all played pay-to-win games. They all die, because the poor don’t have fun and leave, until the suits have only themselves to play with. Then suddenly it’s no fun cause they can’t feel superior and the system collapses. We might not have money, but we have ONE thing the rich will NEVER have, by design: Numbers. The worse the wealth gap gets, the more true that becomes.

There is strength in numbers. And i’m glad you guys finally found that out. Cause it’s literally the only thing the Comex fears. I am NOT going to sell any of my silver, my silver miners OR $PSLV until i see atleast $1000 an ounce. And, if the system hasn’t collapsed yet by then, i’ll fucking hold it until it equalized with USDebtclock.org: $4,794 PER OUNCE!

Oh and finally; if you’re wondering about my motives in all of this, if i’m some hedgefund snake:

Couldn’t be more independent. Came close a few times in 2020 to going full joker. I just want to see the world that hurt me so much burn, and the pain the end. And i’m willing to put my ass on the line for it. That’s all. These fascists deserve it. We must all fear the indifference of Good Men.

If you guys need ANY more info on Silver or the true state of affairs, please just go check out this video or any of the people in it specifically, they’ve all also been fighting this fight for a very long time:

Join or not, whatever fight ya choose to fight; I wish you the best of luck out there. But i urge you to buy some silver too, atleast. I hear you guys aren’t behind Silver rising as a movement – which means it was just a few individuals of you who did all of this, as well as the silver community finally waking up…. Which is scary cause then silver spiked to $30 on almost no demand compared to the possible pool of demand of 8 million rejects. If you actually do something about it… a bunch of retards might actually succeed where even the brightest researchers (and a couple of billionaires who thought they could win on leverage too) have failed.

Ya can find me on twitter where i post most my research, my DMs are always open for questions. I’ve talked to so many random people the past year just trying to get them out. Stream on twitch too. Everything i make is (or becomes) free! Because i don’t care about money, lost my sanity anyway. I’ll never stop hating myself. And i’ve already figured out the system so i can just keep buying companies at the bottom over and over.
Just wanna make the world a slightly better place now, so there’s less me’s in the future.

#Silenceisviolence. #silversqueeze.

Deso, God of Vision.