An Epic of Corruption, Perseverance, and The New Gold

>THE< mind thriller of 2020, this epic story is about finding the actual new gold, the story behind it and the company promoting it - And the corruption exposed therein. A 150k words in content Epic, you won't wanna miss the biggest story of Perseverance and Vision you've ever read! Not based on a real life story... This IS a real life story.

The Uranium bullrun and my main investment

PRESENTING! My research on the *imminent* Uranium bull market, as well as my main (and currently only) investment in it; Which has already done exceptionally well. PUBLIC RELEASE JANUARY 17TH! Sub to and send me a Discord message with the useraccount to get access to the VoD/password!

Shadowcontracts and a History of Comex Manipulation in 2020.

This article proves, Conclusively and Definitively, that there has been Manipulation and Fraud going on in the Comex, the Futures Exchange Market for Precious Metals. Going deep into the numbers, i show my discovery of “Shadowcontracts”, contracts made and delivered within a day (on the >Futures< market). Join me in a Compelling story of deceit, as i lay it all undeniably bare.

Virtual Labor and Lessons from Economics in Videogames.

Going deep into my long and storied history in Video games, in particular MMOs, i apply my full knowledge of economics to various events i have witnessed in gaming history, only to arrive at a stunning conclusion for the future of Labor and economies as a whole: They can be made Virtual.

Why i hate Bitcoin and why Tether will end up killing it.

After 10 years of thought and a 15,500+ word count, this article contains all of my observations to date pertaining to all the flaws and fallacies within Bitcoin and it’s claims of supposed value. Luckily, it looks like Tether will soon be the death of it and initiate a great purge of Crypto Currencies.