Taking a break from articles!

Just a short message so it doesn’t look like i’ve disappeared.

I feel like i’ve done all i could to record what little history i could as well as show people other ways to do things and what value really means.

At this point i feel like people are in a slumber only the actual reset is going to wake them up from. The math makes it both inevitable, and short term. The recent events are just another sign of hyperinflation – the whole wallstreetbets phenomenon couldn’t have existed without stimulus checks, which couldn’t have existed without MMT.

These stimulus checks will just keep coming. People expected $2000, got $1400, and got mad. #BidenLied (cause he did) was trending and that’s 3 weeks into the administration.

Even $5000 a person wouldn’t be enough to overcome the forbearance wall that’s been built up, and continually extended. The Fed STILL buys $120B a month in QE, and will forever more – until it increases because it has to. This is the GDP of Morocco, every single month.

At this point i’ve done all i can to promote sound money too. Both Comex cracking and Silver going through the roof isn’t going to happen until people realize it’s the only way out – and then it’ll be too late. Just one little push cleared out the shops entirely, and the people who are now holding will be safe while the rest are not. What happens when entire populations demand it because bread went up 10% in a month?

The EU is done, the US is done, Japan is done and China will collapse as well as a result of having nowhere to sell their goods (and AVERAGE wage in China is still 3rd world – they have *only* taken care of the Han-Chinese, and inland is still very much poor).

But because of the scale of the calamity, people just can’t adjust and won’t believe it until it happens. So be it. We can see before our very eyes why so many Germans lost it all in the Weimar inflation: They just wouldn’t believe it. It’s not that they couldn’t. It’s that they willfully refused.

Like prison inmates having being locked up for 25 years being unable to function outside of prison, and committing a crime to be locked up again. Everyone thinks they’re Neo, when in reality, they’re Cypher, and will do anything to stay in or return to the old system; Cause They Just Can’t Cope.

I’ll be focusing more on my stream in the near future, if i find another good asset or company to write something about i will. But for the foreseeable future i want to concentrate on writing the books i’ve been planning for a while now. At a healthy tempo cause 16,000 words a day is killing me.

I wanted to get all of those words out as soon as possible, because it spoke to the present and was to save a few souls. But i feel as if i’ve done all i can to save as many as i can and the rest who won’t listen are just…. Lost. As my mothers used to say to me, “If you don’t wanna listen, you’re gonna have to feel.”

So i want to concentrate on the future now. Once the system dies, people are going to wonder what to do. And just like i wanted the information on this website to be there for people, i want the information on money and value to be available for the future people who need it. As always, i look ahead. But that does mean i need to start work now.

Come find me on my Discord, Twitter or Twitch! I’m not even gonna link them anymore i’m just so goddamn tired of people needing to be dripfed everything. If ya can’t spot the giant button called “CONTACT” on this site i really don’t need the stress. I’m not going to cater to those who don’t think anymore. All they want to know is how to go over the cliff faster. If you wanna survive the next decade – You better know how to think.

Deso, God of Vision.